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This is a draft. I use PostgreSQL on Linux, with PHP and sometimes the phormation library.

I used MySQL in the past, but a RDBMS without foreign keys, without a procedural language and without SQL subqueries is no longer my first choice --- UPDATE: I'm trying version 4.0.x now, I've been told that is a real database!!!

The lack of foreign key constraints surely gives it an appearance of speed, but, without foreign keys, MySQL is not actually a RDBMS, it's just a collection of flat file tables. 'R' stands for 'relational' and MySQL is not. Maybe 'R' for rapid... This is not to say that successful web sites and databases cannot be built around MySQL...They added transactions recently, maybe they think of foreign keys too ...although last time I checked they were definitely against ever doing that..As for procedural SQL, I myself cannot conceive using a database system without that :-)

I have written a small client utility to pass a query a PostgreSQL server, returning the result in a nice LaTeX format (psql has a LaTeX output option but I didn't like that). In my opinion, my version is nicer :-) The utility is meant to be used from shell scripts.

This is the C source file: pgsql2latex.c

In the preamble of your LaTeX document, include:


to produce nice tables with shaded headers.

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